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Mango Tropical Escape!    

    mango tropical

    75 minute therapeutic massage with 

a mango foot scrub and hot towel add on!

$130.00 (Reg. $140.00)

Tropical Bliss Pedicure   
tropical getaway   

Kick back in our massaging pedicure chairs, close

 your eyes, and float away to the islands with this aromatic


Pamper your feet and relax body and mind while inhaling

the aromatic scents of the islands...

And sipping on a Watermelon Margarita of course! (optional, must be 21)   

NOW $5 OFF!!!

$50.00 plus tax

(REG. price $55)

Expires 9/1/2024


Collagen and C Hydrating Facial    

Collagen, a protein, gives structure to the skin and

connective tissue, and helps with elasticity, firmness,

and hydration. Super hydration for the skin, and

relaxation for the body, all in one treatment! 


$80.00 (plus tax)    

Expires 5/31/24    

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